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Pohlad Clarifies: New GM Should Be 'Big and Burly, Like a Lumberjack'

The Twins GM search will focus on Maine, the Pacific Northwest, and Canada.

he's a lumberjack and he's ok and he's a leading candidate to lead the twins in 2017
he's a lumberjack and he's ok and he's a leading candidate to lead the twins in 2017
Tim DeFrisco/Getty Images

Much was made online and on local sports radio over Jim Pohlad's quote to MinnPost about the next Twins GM needing to be "lovable."  The Twins owner clarified those remarks in a brief interview with reporters on Wednesday.

"Obviously, we need a general manager willing to make tough, smart baseball decisions," said Pohlad. "At the same time, we want him to be big and burly, like a lumberjack."

The Twins fired longtime GM Terry Ryan on Monday, and have said the search for a replacement will begin immediately.

Pohlad said that the organization will "stop at nothing" to hire the right person.

"This is a very critical time for our organization. And we'll be scouring Maine, the Pacific Northwest, and Canada for a baseball guy who is also a very talented woodsman. Thick, sinewy muscles, full beard, generally rough-hewn with a hearty laugh that can fill a room."

Minnesota's interim GM, Rob Antony, does not have a background in statistical analysis or the lumber industry, but Pohlad does not rule him out for the permanent role.

"The trade deadline is on August 1, and we need to be looking at every option in order to improve our team. If Rob can do that, while showing up in a Pendleton flannel, singing cheerful work songs, and felling Norway pines with his trusty ax, he absolutely deserves our consideration."

When asked if there was an ideal candidate out there, Pohlad was contemplative.

"You know, we've taken a lot of potshots over being old-school and ignoring the analytics revolution," said Pohlad. "And I'll be honest, some of those are warranted. But if we can find someone who uses sabermetrics, has a base of traditional baseball knowledge, and has immense forearms with wood shavings on them? We'd be very interested."