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Boshers Called Up, Ramirez Sent Down

I was tempted to type "Twins make GM-related move" because they're currently in Detroit, but that would be Wrong.

Now with lifelike food-crumbs-in-beard-hair action!
Now with lifelike food-crumbs-in-beard-hair action!
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

After Minnesota's MAJESTIC DESTRUCTION of Detroit today, beat coverage folks announced the Twins were recalling LHP Buddy Boshers and outrighting RHP Neil Ramirez to Rochester, which means that Ramirez has already cleared waivers.

Ramirez pitched in 8 games, going 14.2 innings with a yucky ERA of 6.14. He walked 10, struck out 11, and allowed five home runs. Boshers had 23.1 IP in 20 games with a 1.16 ERA, allowing one HR and 8 BB to go with 26 Ks. One of these lines is better than the other, SSS aside.

Buddy's original success in MLB is probably why he got the nod instead of J.T. Chargois, who has very similar numbers in Rochester this season. Chargois got walloped in his one Twins game and immediately returned to sender. Barring disaster, he should be back for Round 2 before season's end.

Possibly related to this roster move is the surprising new rumor that recently departed Twins GM Terry Ryan spent years of futility pursuing Buddy's mom for a torrid affair. And Ryan deeply resented having lost out to former Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.

So welcome back, Boshers. Once again it's creepy doll video time!