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Series Preview: Twins at Red Sox

Can the Twins win back to back series against over .500 teams?

San Francisco Giants v Boston Red Sox
Drew Palmerhands
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The Twins beat the Tigers in a series, which is a bit shocking actually. They now will go to Boston for a four-game series. They then return to Target Field for a home stand that will include the return of Justin Morneau... in a White Sox uniform.

Here is the write up I did back on June 10 about the Red Sox, for comparison.

The Red Sox sit at 53-39 and are in a fight for first place with the Blue Jays and the Orioles. The trio are within a game of first in the AL East.

Surprise, surprise; David Ortiz is still good, and he is still retiring. He leads the Red Sox in most statistical categories (average, HR, 2B, OPS). You know this.

Ortiz is great, but did you know the Red Sox also have other great players? It’s true! Jackie Bradley, Xander Bogaerts, Dustin Pedroia, and Mookie Betts are all over .800 in OPS. Betts (4.2) and Bradley (3.8) lead the team in bWAR, Ortiz is third at 3.7.

On the defensive side of things, they got Drew Pomeranz from the Padres in exchange for RHP prospect Anderson Espinoza. Clay Bucholz is really struggling, with an ERA nearing 6 in 7 starts since his return. David Price has continued to pitch fairly well, with only one really bad start since his terrible first month with the Sox.

-Awkward segue into the match-ups-

Thursday, 6:10 PM CDT

Tyler Duffey vs Steven Wright

Friday, 6:10 PM CDT

Kyle Gibson vs Eduardo Rodriguez

Saturday, 6:10 PM CDT

Ricky Nolasco vs David Price

Sunday, 12:35 PM CDT

Tommy Milone vs Rick Porcello