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"Thanks for the Memories, Minnesota"

An excerpt from David Ortiz's farewell to Minnesota

Living the dream.
Living the dream.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

This week is my last series with the Twins. So I want to thank the fans in Minnesota, because they were really good to me and my wife. My career didn’t work out the way I planned with the Twins, but I don’t have anything but love for the people there.

What was great about Minnesota was how nice everybody was to me during my time there. If we went out to a restaurant early on, when my English pronunciation wasn’t so great, everybody was super nice to me. Nobody ever made me feel like an outsider, and I’ll always appreciate that.

When I had that breakfast with Torii Hunter back in the day, we were two broke-ass ballplayers with a dream. The Twins made those dreams come true, and I got to see Sammy Sosa chase after my double.

If it all ended there, I still would have been happy.

Thank you, Minnesota.

Appreciate you,

Big Papi

He also tells stories about his time as a Twin and adjusting to life in America coming from the Dominican Republic in The Players' Tribune. You can read the whole letter by clicking on the hyperlink above.