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Twins Retain Korn Ferry Search Firm For GM Search

The Twins announced the firm in charge of finding candidates for the open general manager position.

In the late afternoon yesterday, the Twins sent out a press release announcing that they had enlisted the advisory firm Korn Ferry to aid in the search for a new general manager. This also came with the news that they are hoping to complete their search and have a new leader hired before the conclusion of the season.

While I was initially skeptical of the need for an advisory firm, it turns out that Korn Ferry’s recent work involved the hirings of head coach Tom Thibodeau for the Minnesota Timberwolves and general manager David Stearns for the Milwaukee Brewers.

For what it’s worth, the press release said the Twins are looking for “new baseball operations leadership” rather than “general manager,” so all you people hoping that the Twins adopt a structure similar to the Cubs, Dodgers, Athletics, etc. where there is someone above the general manager making personnel decisions, you may be in luck.

Additionally, we were reminded that Rob Antony is under contract for next season, which hints that he might stay on board but let’s be honest. Plenty of general managers and managers have been let go with years remaining on their contracts. I sincerely hope this isn’t another case of the Twins mandating that a person sticks around even with new leadership like they said with Paul Molitor. I get that they want to be fair to someone who (probably/likely) wasn’t at fault for the massive collapse this season, but I hope the Twins eventually figure out that they’re likely chasing away prospective GMs by saying they have to keep Molitor and now Antony on the staff.

While you’re at it, go ahead and save the picture I used for this because honestly, that’s all I can think about whenever I hear the name Korn Ferry. I will also accept any pictures of the rock band Korn on a boat.