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Justin Morneau is in Town!

He may be in an ugly uniform, but we still like him.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After sweeping the 1 game series (lol) with the Orioles, the Twins welcome the White Sox to Target Field for a more natural series. The highlight of this series, for me, is Justin Morneau. The 2015 Home Run Derby saw his return to Target Field, but this will be his first time as an opponent.

Through 10 games with the Sox, Justin is hitting .233/.324/.367. Those numbers, in theory, will get better as he is probably a bit rusty right now. He can still hit dingers, that much is clear:

Okay, so one home run does not a home run-hitter make, (otherwise Nick Punto would be one) but that swing looks good to me. There is reason to believe there is still something in the tank for Justin. After all, he hit .319 in 2014, and .310 through 49 games last year before getting hurt.

I'm sure that Twins fans will give him a warm welcome when he comes to the plate today, because Justin is a true Twin.

I'll leave you with just some of the highlights of Justin Morneau's career. What's your favorite memory of Justin?