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Series Preview: White Sox at Twins


Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs
Chris Sale, in protest, switches his position to DH.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After kicking around the Orioles for a game, the Twins will now host the White Sox for three games. Their last series with the White Sox resulted in a loss.

So, what’s happened since then? Well they’ve gone 10-13 and the Twins went 13-10. Also, Chis Sale cut up some jerseys (all of them) and was suspended, and Eduardo Nunez was traded.

I already wrote about Justin Morneau’s return to Target Field here.

As for the other players on the White Sox, Adam Eaton leads the team in bWAR at an impressive 4.2. Behind him in the WAR department are Jose Quintana (3.5) and the aforementioned Chris Sale (also 3.5). Todd Frazier leads the team in home runs at 29.

The Sox are dealing with a few injuries right now.

Austin Jackson (meniscus tear), Alex Avila had a setback with his hamstring, and Brett Lawrie also has a tight hamstring. All three have been placed on the 15 day disabled list.

“But when are they playing these games? WHO ARE THE PITCHERS?! WHERE AM I?” You plead. Say no more.


Jose Quintana (8-8, 2.97) vs Ricky Nolasco (4-8, 5.40)

Saturday, 7:10 PM CDT

Miguel Gonzalez (2-5, 4.28) vs Tommy Milone (3-3, 4.97)

Sunday, 1:10 PM CDT

James Shields (probably) (3-5, 5.17) vs Ervin Santana (3-9, 3.78)