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Game 81: Rangers at Twins

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Can the Twins follow up their 17 run shellacking? Find out on the next episode of Twinkie Town Z!

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

First pitch: 1:10 PM CDT
Radio: TIBN, Go 96.3
Know thine enemy: Lone Star Ball

Go check out pick the stick if you haven't already. Last week's winner was farm_guy with 8 points, can you top it?

Today's Lineups

Shin-Soo Choo - RF Eduardo Nunez - SS
Ian Desmond - CF Joe Mauer - 1B
Nomar Mazara - LF Miguel Sano - 3B
Adrian Beltre - 3B Brian Dozier - 2B
Prince Fielder - DH Robbie Grossman - DH
Rougned Odor - 2B Max Kepler - RF
Elvis Andrus - SS Kurt Suzuki - C
Jurickson Profar - 1B Eddie Rosario - LF
Bobby Wilson - C Danny Santana - CF
Cole Hamels - LHP Kyle Gibson - RHP