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Walk-Off Walk Propels Twins to 2-1 Win


nicky rolasco
nicky rolasco
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Ricky Nolasco gave up a lead-off home run on Friday night, the Twins' 5th leadoff dong shot allowed in nine games, WHICH IS WEIRD.

However, Nolasco settled down and (hopefully) improved his trade value, and the Twins won in 12 not terribly exciting innings on a rare, beautiful walk-off walk from Joe Mauer, 2-1.

Jose Quintana also pitched very well, with some help from the Twins (and really, Miguel Sano) throwing away some prime opportunities for the scoring of runs, which is the measure by which games are won and lost. In the first, Brian Dozier and Robbie Grossman reached to start the inning, and Quintana went 3-0 on Sano, who then struck out, as did Kennys Vargas, as did Max Kepler.

In the 6th, the Twins evened the score on a broken bat single by Vargas, but Sano, who took second earlier in the inning with smart, aggressive base-running, also attempted to score on the play with a dumb, aggressive base-running. He did not score. He would have on Kepler's single following the play.

Minnesota's base-running adventures continued in the 8th, when All-Star snub Grossman led off with a double, but was gunned down by Eaton attempting to advance to third on a medium-deep Sano pop fly.

Chicago returned the favor in the top of the ninth, as Kepler nailed Melky Cabrera trying to advance from first to third.

And then the game went into extra innings and nothing happened. This includes the winning run, which scored thanks to three walks, a sac bunt, and an HBP. They did nothing and liked it.


  • Ricky Nolasco. 8 innings, 1 ER, 3H, 6K, 1 BB. TRADE HIM ROB.
  • Adam Eaton. Impressive dong, impressive hose.


  • Chicago bullpen. That was not a good 12th inning, guys.


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Enjoy your weekend, everybody.