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White Sox 6, Twins 5: Morneau Beats Milone, Molitor

The Morneau part was cool.

Canadians never say "I am SO the boss of you."
Canadians never say "I am SO the boss of you."
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

This one finished awful wild. But before that, the early stuff.

Here's some Tommy Milone numbers I found on BBRef this morning: .458/.941/1.382. That's OPS of hitters facing him the first / second / third times this year. Big shock, right? But guess what his career numbers are? .740/.741/.776.

Whatever's gone Wrong with his successive passes through the lineup this season -- it kept going Wrong. First time through: 0 runs. Second time? 1. Third time, seven batters got three runs and two outs, and that was it for Tommy. (Who sure plays a mean pinball.)

The Twins led early on this amazing bit of baserunning via Lord Byron. Scores from first on a steal attempt, slightly misplayed ball, and super Force leap:

The Biggish Thunder From British Columbia, (sort of an unwieldy nickname, ain't it) did half of the damage, with his 4th-inning RBI double and 6th-inning solo shot.

With two out in the eighth, Eduardo Escobar (the last Eduardo. There can be only One) launched a three-run dong to give the Twins a brief lead -- before Brandon Kintzler blew his first save of the season. Tie game.

Danny Santana (who played third?) led off the bottom half with a double. Would you like to guess what happened next?

  1. Byron Buxton swung away
  2. Buxton bunted Santana successfully to third
  3. Buxton bunted, popped up, out

If you didn't guess #3, ARE YOU EVEN A TWINS FAN? The out was wasted, the Twins loaded bases on walks and couldn't score.

Avisail Garcia led off the 10th with a double, he was NOT bunted over, Dioner Navarro hit him home, Fernando Abad was not Agood, ballgame.

And, I'm sorry, this one's on Molitor. If players were better trained at bunting in his day, that's fine. But it's his job to know what his players' skills are. If they aren't any good at it, why the hell does he keep calling for bunts?

Anyhoo, Robot Roll Call:

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