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Kennys Vargas called up

Trevor Plouffe cracked a rib, so Kennys Vargas is getting another shot in the big leagues.

Minnesota Twins Photo Day
Large and in-charge—it’s Kennys! He’s back, baby!
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

While you were busy getting excited about America, the Twins called up big-bopper Kennys Vargas and are playing him at first base today at Target Field. The move comes as apparently Trevor Plouffe hit the 15-day DL with a cracked rib.

Kennys Vargas has been doing well in AAA, hitting 255/.353/.435 with 14 home runs. Two of those home runs came in the past two days. This may be one of Kennys last chances to show the Red Sox they should trade for him as a Big Papi replacement he can make it in the majors, since Byung Ho Park plays a similar roll and will presumably be coming back to the Twins at some point.

Paul Molitor apparently mentioned to reporters that the Twins planned on activating Trevor May from the DL today, but Mike Berardino is now reporting that move will take place tomorrow. There’s no indication of how the Twins will make space on the roster.

Plouffe is expected to be out three to four weeks with his ribs—meaning he won’t return until just before or after the July 31st trade deadline. That’s pretty bad news for the Twins, as Trevor looked to be a perfect trade chip now that Miguel Sano is seemingly the everyday third baseman. The Twins can still try some kind of waiver trade after July 31st, but it’s not as ideal.