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Stop making fun of our All-Star Representative!!

This is ridiculous! Eduardo Nunez is an official All-Star Representative! You are not!

I have no idea where his helmet is, but really, does anyone?
I have no idea where his helmet is, but really, does anyone?
David Banks/Getty Images

I get it. The Twins suck. People are mad Eduardo Nunez is on the All-Star Team. They are mad about this because they lead sad lives. That’s fine.


How would YOU like it if you got selected for the All-Star Team and everyone kept saying you didn’t deserve it, even though you clearly DID and that is why you were selected!?! It’s not like Nunez made up the "every team needs a representative" or the "this determines the World Series Home Field Advantage" rules. Stop picking on him!!!!!!!!

SB Nation even made a cute section for Edurado Nunez in their All-Star Game Roster post:

The Mark Redman Memorial All-Star

Oh, Twins. You know, the Twins thought they had a shot this year. Maybe not the best shot. Maybe not enough to be front-runners. But a shot. Enough to look at the roster in March and think, "Maybe. Just maybe."

Instead, here’s Eduardo Nunez, the only Twins All-Star for the 2016 season. It’s not that he’s not having a good year. He’s doing fine, even if his success is a little average-dependent. It’s not that the Twins are overflowing with other brilliant candidates. They’re not, although as an All-Star extremist when it comes to weighing a player’s entire career, I would have been fine with Joe Mauer. Brian Dozier would have been a fair compromise, though.

It’s that Nunez is there because he’s hit .316 for three months, and the rules say the Twins need someone. This is not the kind of player who usually gets selected, and Twins fans know it. It’s not the kind of player who is guaranteed to be around for the next chapter of the franchise, and they know that, too. He’s a very nice Swiss Army Knife to have on a team, but he’s also clearly a box that was checked off more than he is a convincing All-Star.

First off, why you have to do Mark Redman like that?

Secondly, I’m sorry, Grant Brisbee, you live in a depressing, helmet-fitting world where Edurado Nunez being an All-Star is somehow sad. Frankly, this is one of the things that makes the All-Star Game great. We get to see a player, who has been absolutely outstanding this year for his team, be rewarded, where he otherwise would be ignored. Maybe he should be ignored, but that goes against my point. This is what brings viewers to the All-Star Game, frankly. Adding in two extra Royals players isn’t what is going to bring in more viewers.

Edurado Nunez is the 2016 All-Star Game SAVIOR.