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FanPost Friday: How should we improve the All-Star Game?

This year's All-Star Game is in San Diego!
This year's All-Star Game is in San Diego!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

Remember this thing? This is our feature where I post a question or topic Friday, you write a fan post addressing the question or topic however you want to, and then we share the best posts and/or recap them on the front page Monday. It’s fun! Don’t be shy.

This week’s question is:

How would you improve the All-Star Game/All-Star Week?

You can answer this question anyway that you want. Think the "every team needs a representative rule is dumb? Explain why. Hate that the game decides the World Series? Have at it! You can write about improving the voting system, having obstacles on the field, getting rid of the game entirely—anything you want.

Start your fan post now.