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Twins Trade Rumor Roundup: Deadline Edition

Tw ins
Tw ins
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The Twins have been pretty quiet as the non-waiver trade deadline approaches this afternoon at 3:00 PM. That doesn't mean they might not be active (though they might not be, I dunno.) Here is every rumor I could scrounge up to fuel your imagination while we wait to see what magic (or lack thereof) unfolds this evening. I'll throw up anything new I find as the day goes on so keep checking back.

Ervin Santana to Blue Jays?

Despite the front office saying they won't move Santana unless they are blown away by an offer, he remains the Twins most appealing deadline piece and one of the (believe it or not) stronger starters on the trade market. He performed well in front of those scouts, too.

Twins Shopping Pitchers.

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN tweets that the Twins are shopping starters Ricky Nolasco and Tommy Milone, as well as reliever Fernando Abad. As he deftly suggests, they won't get anything fancy in return for those names. However Milone and Nolasco (if we eat a lot of his contract) are potential innings-eater 5th starter types and could see some interest. The Marlins previously scouted Milone and the Twins have had scouts over in Miami so maybe something is kicking some kind of tires there.

Abad is probably the most likely Twin to go, and I think he could net more than one might assume as teams continue to prove that either fans undervalue relievers or teams overvalue them. Either way, a solid reliever is a pretty good asset to have at the deadline.

Not Johnathan Lucroy. Maybe Suzuki?

Lucroy recently blocked a trade that would have brought him to Cleveland. Among other teams, he could also block one to the Twins. If for some weird reason you thought that would be a good idea, it isn't happenin'. Hey, maybe now that the Indians won't get Lucroy they will look for catching help elsewhere. Maybe Kurt Suzuki (despite not being comparable to Lucroy in any way but his position.) would interest them????

I can't find any reputable sources that suggest this might be happening but,

Oh, no wait. Here's one.


(Yes I just posted a joke tweet of mine to supplement my own half-joke entry in this article.)
(No I am not ashamed.)

UPDATE: I woke up and found It seems that I am not the only one who thinks Suzuki might be dealt.