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Game CXIV: Twins vs Astros

Doubleheader Game 1! It's crayfish vs crawfish if it doesn't rain cats and dogs

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

First Pitch: 12:10 pm CT
TV: Tough Darts, Farmer.
Radio: Go 96.3 FM, TIBN
Know Thine Enemy: The Crawfish Boxes
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Humid, 82°F

The Twins are going for the series win try again to play Game 114 against the now GoGo-less Astros. Let's kick 'em while they're down! Unless it rains again, then we'll all mill around a few hours before they call a Mulligan.

Pitching for the Astros will be Doug Fister "Fister? I barely know her!" (RHP, 10-7, 3.47 ERA). You may remember Doug from such hits as "Purr Faster, Motorcity Kitties!" and "Send in the Mariners". This is the first time Fister has pitched against the Twins this year. In his last game, Fister gave up nine hits but only one ER over six innings against the Rangers.

J.O. "LaMaKina" Berrios (RHP, 2-2, 8.31 ERA) pitches for the Twins. Berrios gave up four runs on six hits in five innings in a loss against the Rays. Hopefully "The Machine" has figured out his control issues and will get his second quality start this year.

Rarely is the question asked: Is our crawfish boxed?

Last May, I asked, "What is a crawfish box and what does it have to do with our space program?" The first part is obvious, it's a box to put your crawfish in. Houston, it turns out is host to a number of crawfish eating festivals and the crawfish sometimes come in boxes. Seems plausible anyway. There is also a seating section at Minute Maid Park called "The Crawford Boxes," so there you go. It has little to do with the space program other than NASA's Johnson Space Center is in Houston. I was really hoping NASA had planned to outfit crayfish with little space helmets and unleash them in a pincer movement against Soviet Cosmonauts if the need arrived. You blew it, Military Industrial Complex.

Also. the terms "crawfish" and "crayfish" are interchangeable. We tend to say "crayfish" in the North and they say "crawfish" or "crawdads" down South.

Today's Lineups

George Springer - RF Brian Doozer - 2B
Alex Bregman - 3B Joe Cool - DH
Jose Altuve - 2B Max von Kepler - RF
Cevin Correa - SS Kennys Las Vargas - 1B
Marwin Gonzalez - 1B Fast Eddie Rosario - CF
Preston Tucker - LF Jorge Pacheco Polanco - 3B
A.J. Reed - DH Pretty Quick Eddie Escobar - SS
Jake Marisnick - CF Ten Cent - C
Jason "Raul" Castro - C Robbie G-man - LF
Doug Fister - RHP JO Berrios - RHP