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FanPost Friday: The Twins' biggest villain?

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

What is FanPost Friday? It is a feature we have every Friday where I ask you a question, you think about the question, answer the question in the form of a FanPost, and then we share all the answers on Monday.

It's fun! Why not give it a try?

Since A-Rod is retiring (maybe?) today, this week's question is...

Who is the Twins' biggest villain?

You can answer this question any way you want. You can write about the players who hit the most against the Twins, or the players who have had the biggest hits against the Twins. You can write about a player that just particularly gets on your nerves, and why. You can write about A-Rod, or Sandy Koufax. Heck, maybe you think the Twins' biggest villain is Gary Gardy.

Just go for it.