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In Which We Admit We Might Have Been Wrong About Robbie Grossman

Is he a future All-Star? We have our doubts.

this was a bad play but different from the bad one i am talking about
this was a bad play but different from the bad one i am talking about
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

If, like me, you could only watch so much preseason football and Olympics coverage, you probably watched the end of the Twins disastrous outing on Thursday versus the defending World Series champions. If so, you probably saw a defensive effort from Robbie Grossman that...well, let's go to the tweets

I couldn't find a clip of the play online, as I believe MLB has burned the evidence that this play happened, and I do not blame them for this. Technically, it is hate speech, and should be shunned by good people everywhere.

For most of the first half of this season, we referred to Robbie Grossman as "Future Twins All-Star Robbie Grossman." Frequently. With joy in our heart and a bounce in our step. In light of this play, others like it, and a major cool down on offense, we would like to admit that we have reconsidered, and do not think he will be an All-Star for the Minnesota Twins in the near or distant future. We would love for our beautiful, street free agent boy to prove us wrong and wake up the echoes of May and parts of early June. Until then, we regret the error.