I'm going to finish The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess this weekend

Legend of Zelda

Gotta oust Ganondorf from Hyrule Castle before classes start on Monday. No, I'm not a teacher (yet). Yes, I am 42 years old.

Don't have to worry about mowing the lawn, as it is too dry to need it. Which is good, because I don't drink beer anymore, and drinking beer is a lawn mowing requirement. The grass is dry in part because I haven't been watering it with recycled beer. Interesting food chain, no?

Without the grass to mow and the beer cans to stack, I'm left with video games on the tv and the Twins on the radio. If they play, which they currently aren't, because, ironically, it is raining. If it rained here, the grass would grow, the whole pattern would start unraveling, and before you know it, the grass would be long, I would be drunk, the Twins would suck again, and poor Link would be a naive youngling with a wooden sword, no magic armor, and only 3 heart-life containers.


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