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Royals 10, Twins 0: Santiago's Struggles Continue

The Curse Of Nolasco continues to haunt the Twins, as it will for the next 100 years.

This is the home of Kansas City's "Rally Mantis." The box, not Perez's head.
This is the home of Kansas City's "Rally Mantis." The box, not Perez's head.
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Former future all-star Robbie Grossman started this game off right. With runners on first and third and two out, Robbie popped up a bunt attempt to end the 2nd inning. In all fairness, that was right after Eduardo Escobar hit an infield fly. I don't want to pick on Robbie. Most players on this team are currently blowing chunks.

Speaking of hurling vomit, pitcher Hector Santiago continued his string of terrible games for the Twins, giving up eight runs in four 2/3 innings. You may want to look away from the subsequent sentence. Since coming to Minnesota, Hector has gone 19 innings in four starts, allowing 32 hits, seven homers, and 23 earned runs. For an ERA of 10.89.

Doing dong duty for the Royals were Salvador Perez and Alex Gordon (he had two). They went back-to-back to finish off Santiago. Ian Kennedy held the Twins to four hits in eight frames.

Adalberto Mejia, called up today on what would have been his night to pitch in Rochester, allowed two runs in 2.1 innings in his first MLB game. He wasn't helped by a Grossman boot that got scored as a "pop-up double." Really, how is this not a single and error?

BTW, Gladden pronounced Adalberto's last name with a soft "j," so I assume that's correct. He was returned to Rochester after the game. No word yet on who gets called up. Another pitcher, says LEN3. Here's the 40-man roster. Take your best guess!

Drew Butera got into the game as a late pinch-hitter because he was bored and needs stuff to do. He did what he usually does as a hitter. In other ex-Twins news, less cowbell provided some fun Span/Revere clips here.

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