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Game 125: Tigers at Twins

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Hopefully these two fist bump again tonight.
Hopefully these two fist bump again tonight.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

RADIO: Go 96.3, TIBN, La Raza (Sp.)
Know Thine Enemy: Bless You Boys

I looked at the 2016 Twins leader boards for WAR on fangraphs earlier and holy crap is it depressing. Still, I love my circus baseball team through thick and thin! So please, the two or three of you who still watch Twins games, join me and let us see how things go (Twins go.)

Bonus Question:

Gun to your head: Could you name all the first and last names of the current Twins bullpen pitchers?

Hint: None of them are Jackie Chan.

Today's Lineups

Ian Kinsler - 2B Brian Dozier - 2B
A. Rick A. Bar - SS Jorge Polanco - SS
Miguel Cabrera - 1B Joe Mauer - 1B
Victor Martinez - DH Trevor Plouffe - 3B
J.D. Martinez - RF Max Kepler - RF
Justin Upton - LF Miguel Sano - DH
Casey McGehee - 3B Eddie Rosario - CF
James McCann - C Juan Centeno - C
Cameron Maybin - CF Dan Santana - LF
Anibal Sanchez - RHP Kyle Gibson - RHP