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Tigers 8, Twins 3: Dumpster fire vol. LXXVI

"If I turn my glove like this it kinda looks like Mega Man's helmet."
"If I turn my glove like this it kinda looks like Mega Man's helmet."
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It was back and forth for a good two-thirds of the game. Then the team's hopes of winning were crushed like so many before. 75 times before to be precise.

Starter Kyle Gibson loaded the bases in the 2nd and walked in a run before getting out of the inning. In the 3rd, Jorge Polanco tripled in Brian Dozier and then was knocked in himself when Joe Mauer grounded out correctly. The Twins took back the lead 2-1 and several orphans once again smiled happily under the calm lights of the stars.

Later in the 5th, an RBI single by Erick Aybar would tie the game back up. Dozier answered in the bottom of the inning by smashing his 29th dong of the year to left center. He'll likely be the first Twin to reach 30 HRs since Josh Willingham back in 2012. Fun fact.

The 6th arrived with the game tied. Then Gibson did this.

- Single

- Wild Pitch (Runner advances)

- Single

- Wild Pitch (Runner scores)

- Walk.

"Thanks Kyle, get out of the game" said Paul Molitor. Michael Tonkin came in and immediately threw his own wild pitch. See Gibby? Anyone can do it. Don't feel bad.

Tonkin managed to get 2 outs and then this happened:

Tonkin continued the dumpster fire in the seventh, allowing a solo shot from Aybar and a 2-run blast to Victor Martinez. With the game firmly out of reach, various bullpen folk ate up the rest of the innings. Both the Pats got in there, with Pat Light holding his own in his debut.


The Pats Dean and Light: Combined 1.2 innings of shutout relief.

J.T Chargois: Still on the team!

Brian Dozier: Mr. 29


Kyle Gibson: 5 IP, 5 ER

Michael Tonkin: 1.1 IP, 3 ER

Quote of the Gamethread:

Really the entire thing was full of gems. Pat (Light) yourselves on the back guys.


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