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Game CXXVII: Twins vs Tigers

The battle for the A.L. Central title continues. This is kind of like 2009's Game 163 if you turn off the radio and pop in your Game 163 VHS tape instead.

Listen in to the whole clambake on the wireless, it'll be jake. 23 skidoo!
Listen in to the whole clambake on the wireless, it'll be jake. 23 skidoo!
George W Ackerman/National Archives

First Pitch: 12:10 pm CT
Radio: Go 96.3 FM, TIBN
Know Thine Enemy: Bless You Boys
Weather: Sunny, 72°F

The Tigers (67-59) have taken the first two games from the Twins (49-77) but the Twins are due, I can feel it. Win number 50 is right around the corner. If you take away all of the runs the Tigers have scored, the Twins would have won the first two games in shutouts. The Tigers luck can't hold out forever.

Jose "It Takes a Village" Berrios (RHP, 2-3, 9.28 ERA) is starting for the Twins. Jose has still been having issues with control that have dogged him, Berrios faced the Tigers last May, they hit him so hard, he spent the next two and a half months in Rochester. He didn't make it out of the first inning in that one, coughing up seven runs, on three hits and four walks. So remember Jose, downward plane, keep the elbow in, push off with the foot, the flower goes in front, pick up the pace, breathe through your eyelids, and try to relax or else...

Motivational speaker, Daniel Norris (LHP, 1-2, 3.81 ERA) pitches for the Tigers today. Norris was a top prospect for the Jays who's had some control issues and injuries with Detroit. He most recently had a rehab stint for a strained right oblique in July. Since getting called back up, he's given up five runs in total over his last three starts, but 21 hits in those 15 1/3 innings. Norris is also known for living in a van down by the river Walmart in the off season.

Today's Lineups

Motor City Kitties Gopher State Minions
Ian Kinsler - 2B Brian "Little Hoss" Dozier - 2B
Tyler Collins - CF Hip hip Jorge Polanco - SS
Miguel Cabrera - 1B Robbie G-man - LF
Victor Martinez - DH Trevor Plooouffe - 1B
J.D. Martinez - RF Miguel Sano "Use For A Glove" - DH
Justin Upton - LF Maxtin Keplerneau - RF
Casey McGehee - 3B "Fast" Eddie Escobar - 3B
James McCann - C Juan Centeno - G
Andrew Romine - SS Danny "The Manny" Santanny - CF
Daniel Norris - LHP Jose Berrios - RHP