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Byung Ho Park has season-ending wrist surgery

Turns out, Park had multiple wrist issues, which helps explain why the injury reports were so unclear.

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Remember on Monday when I wrote about Byung Ho Park’s mysterious wrist issues? Well, now we have an answer. Kind of.

Park apparently flew back to the Twin Cities over the weekend to get his wrist checked out by doctors, who found an injury to a tendon in his right middle finger. After taking a few days to mull it over, Park elected to undergo season-ending surgery, which was completed this morning. It was reportedly successful.

Reporters report Byung Ho Park's successful surgery.

Congrats to Mike Berardino for having the fastest Twitter fingers.

Interestingly, however, it turns out that this tendon issue isn’t the only thing wrong with Park’s hand/wrist/middle finger. Park has also battled wrist tendinitis, which was reportedly the cause of the severe drop-off in performance that led to his demotion to triple-A. Having two separate issues with his right wrist/hand helps explain why the injury seemed so lingering and mysterious.

And now, to add to the mysteriousness of all this, let’s read some Google-translated Korean quotes about Byung Ho’s bum wrist.

News 24:

Park Byung-ho won the right to stop and correct the associated tendon surgery.


According to the official site of Major League Baseball Park Byung-ho is the back of the hand, etc. the catch was just the tendon surgery. It was not easy to properly deal with the fastball with pain in this area.


Park Byung-ho will not have to touch the ball this winter, will prepare for the next season.

So yes, Park plans to be back next season—hopefully erecting middle finger up to the haters, or something like that.