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Two-Fifths of the Rotation Is In Rochester Now

This is fine.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

After lackluster Wednesday and Thursday performances, Twins starting pitchers Tyler Duffey and Jose Berrios were both sent down to Triple A Rochester. Beloved journeyman Andrew Albers and a mystery player will replace them.

Do we know who will be starting after this weekend's series with Toronto? We don't! It probably won't be Albers, as it sounds like he's needed for bullpen use. The mystery player? Who knows! That's what makes baseball exciting! The not knowing!

(As for this mystery player, it'll probably be Darin Mastroianni or Jordan Schafer. Maybe Jason Tyner.)

Regarding the demotion of two of the team's most/only promising starting pitchers, the PiPress' Mike Berardino got manager Paul Molitor's thoughts:

"I love getting guys experience, especially when we are where we are (in the standings), but there comes a point where it doesn’t seem like the right thing...we’ll see how they do down there the next 10 days."

To recap: Duffey, the best Twins pitcher during their surprisingly competitive August/September 2015, and Berrios, universally acknowledged as the best starting prospect in the organization, are both so lost that they can't start for a team that is 49-78. Also, Joe Mauer's quads are bugging him.

This is fine. It's fine.