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Blue Jays 15, Twins 8: Buy one get one on meltdowns.

Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays
After baseball, Miguel focused on understanding his telekinesis.
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

It was not a pretty game for the Twin’s pitching staff. At this point none of you expected it to be, but it was even uglier than the normal brand of ugly. From the 6th inning on, Twins pitchers seemed automatically rattled as nearly every Jay at-bat started off with 3 balls. Some of those ended in walks. The lion’s share of them ended in RBIs.

It started out okay when Trevor Plouffe’s solo homer put the Twins up early in the first. The second arrived and SP Pat Dean ran into a little trouble. Troy Tulowitzki and Melvin Upton Jr. led the inning off with back-to-back singles. An out later, Justin Smoak brought them all (and himself) home with a 3-run shot. The elusive second out was soon earned, and maybe for a brief moment some optimistic soul thought the bleeding might have been stopped. Jose Bautista singles, Josh Donaldson homers. Okay, fine. Be that way, Canada. (Pat Meltdown Count: 1)

To their credit, the Twins offense fought on, chipping away at the lead with two sac fly’s and a 2-RBI double by Kurt Suzuki. Going into the bottom of the 6th they were only down by one run (6-5) and spirits were up. With Andrew Albers pitching, Darwin Barney started the inning off right with a solo shot. Albers got the next hitter, Justin Smoak, to fly out, and almost further got Ezeqiuel Carrera but Jorge Polanco’s throwing error meant a man was on base and Pat Light was coming in.

Light started out his day by striking out one of the best hitters in baseball in Bautista, but on the strikeout pitch, Carrera would steal second and advance to third on an errant throw by Kurt Suzuki. Then he forgot how to throw strikes. 4 pitch walk to Donaldson. 5 pitch walk (improvement!) to Encarnacion. After 3 more balls, Russel Martin doubled in everyone. Light then walked Tulowitki (with a wild pitch at that.)

(Pat Meltdown Count: 2) (Total Pat Meltdown Achieved.) (Initiating Dumpster Fire)

I considered just posting this with no text.

(Nice Meltdown Pat.) (Thanks Pat.)

Really it just escalated from their. Michael Tonkin came in and had his own meltdown. Ryan O’Rourke came in and didn’t know what strikes were. 5 more Jays touched home plate in the 7th. It wasn’t pretty.

Alex Wimmers though! He made his debut and he did it flawlessly. Go Alex!

Alex Wimmers: Threw a strike once!
less cowbell, more 'neau for that gif I used.

Pitchers who aren’t Wimmers.

Quote of the Gamethead: “Future former Twin took one for the team” - Joel Hernandez