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Blue Jays 8, Twins 7: Losing Streak Hits Nine

The fabulous festival of fun keeps fartin' along.

Jason Grilli telling a seagull to go screw itself. He hates them.
Jason Grilli telling a seagull to go screw itself. He hates them.
Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

You asked Ervin Santana to stop the Twins' losing streak. You e-mailed him, bombed his Twitter & phone, visited his house and sang Kmas carols. ("We Three Strikes," "Distress Those Scary Hitter Men.") Well? He tried.

After six solid innings, Santana ran into trouble. With two outs and first base open, Molitor left him in to face Jose Bautista. A four-pitch walk ended Ervin's night. Ryan Pressly came in and gave up two hits, then three more in the eighth -- all for extra bases. He wasn't helped by a Max Kepler misplay which allowed Melvin Upton Jr. to score on a triple, but the subsequent Jays double (from backup catcher Josh Thole) would have scored Upton anyhoo.

So, between Santana and Pressly, you had: 7.2 IP, eight runs, 10 hits. Toronto starter Marcus Stroman wasn't much better; nine hits and five runs in six frames.

Because one should always look on the bright side of life, Brian Dozier had three knocks (including one which gave the Twins a 5-2 lead) and Trevor Plouffe a two-run dong. So, hey, happy happy!

Comment of the game goes to Cory Provus during Pressly's meltdown/Kepler's error: "are you kidding me? Did that happen." It did! Honest! Eddie Rosario thinks so:

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