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Indians broadcast incorrectly claims “Joe Mauer” homered

The Indians are, sadly, better at mocking the Twins scoreboard person than they are at doing their actual jobs.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians
“Joe Mauer hitting a home run.” - The Cleveland Indians
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

While attending the Orioles vs Twins game a week ago, I noticed the scoreboard at Target Field displaying a number of trades as if they were actual deals when, in-fact, they were merely speculative deals. The most noticeable of these fake deals was the Yankees trading Carlos Beltran to the Indians, which obviously didn’t happen because he’s now a Ranger.

A lot of news outlets picked up on the tweet and the fact the Twins scoreboard was totally wrong. It turns out, the Twins scoreboard was merely displaying potential trades, but didn’t make that clear.

Anyway, those silly, silly Indians media people seized on this opportunity to rip on the Twins, doing stuff like this:

Luckily, the Twins got the last laugh in this one:

Oh, the Twins have a misleading scoreboard, Indians? The Twins just scored 35 runs against your team in the past three days—and that’s not an error. And speaking of errors, do you have a 15-year-old running your TV broadcast?

C’mon, guys.

Don’t throw stones in glass houses.

(h/t: @damonkimble)