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Indians 5, Twins 4: Nope

That’s a dozen in a row. Tomorrow they go for the baker’s dozen.

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians
Albers look of absolute disappointment is something we can all relate to.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Brian Dozier smacked a homer (his 31st) to left-center on the very first pitch of the game. That was nice. We all tried not to get our hopes too high, as this was the 2016 Twins playing. Joe Mauer followed him up with a double and we couldn’t help but feel good things were coming. Trevor Plouffe moved him over with a productive ground out, and Miguel Sano brought him home. Awesome.

Jason Kipnis homered in the bottom half of the inning, which would have been a two run shot if Rajai Davis hadn’t gotten caught stealing third. He settled for the solo HR and Twins starter Andrew Albers shakily got out of the inning lead intact.

The Twins fought to add some breathing room in the 2nd. They added two more runs, with Mauer and Plouffe both hitting RBI singles. The Twins went to the bottom of the inning with a 4-1 lead, having knocked Cleveland starter Josh Tomlin out before he finished even two innings. Not bad, right?

Then Rajai Davis hit a 3-run blast. Brand new ball game, folks. Well, shit. I think we all knew inside how the rest of this game was going to go.

Albers was pulled in the 3rd and relieved by Alex Wimmers, who got out of the inning. Things didn’t go so well in his second inning of work, however. Fransico Lindor doubled in Rajai Davis. Scoring over. That was it.

Oh. And this happened:

A slow burn of a loss, and now the Twins have allowed the Braves to catch them. The two teams are tied for worst at 49-83.

Oh lord, Isn’t that just dandy.


Brian Dozier: Lead off homest of runs.
Plouffe, Mauer, Shafer, Rosario: Two hits apiece.


Andrew Albers: 4 runs allowed in 2.0 innings. 3 walks.

Comment of The Gamethread (You had to be there edition.)
"The next Refresh? Are you ok" - SooFoo Fan.

I laughed at least.