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Area Fan Eagerly Awaits Favorite Writer’s Opinion

Tim Hanson just doesn’t know, man.

Elsa/Getty Images


Tim Hanson, 28, told reporters today that hes not forming any kind of opinions about the Twins until he reads what his favorite writer has to say.

When asked about the recent trades the Twins made, shipping out Ricking Nolasco and Fernando Abad, Tim said, "Well I don’t really know, we’ll see what My Guy says in the paper tomorrow."

"I just don’t have any opinions, I like to walk on the fence and wait for someone to push me to one side or the other."

Asked about Joe Mauer’s recent hot streak, Tim thought for a moment, and said, "Well, yeah, he had a 12-18 series in Cleveland, but-". Tim grabbed a newspaper, "Look, it says Joe Mauer was thrown out on the base-paths twice. Clearly, that sucks. They even put him in the duds section. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pre-order a game I know nothing about but I’m sure will be good."