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Twins 3, Astros 1: Duffey strong in face of Houston's struggles

The Astros did not have good offense tonight. Or good defense. That helps a lot when you're the ones facing the Astros.

Carlos Gomez still loves us! Or he's still Carlos Gomez.
Carlos Gomez still loves us! Or he's still Carlos Gomez.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Santana, Juan Centeno, and Carlos Gomez became unlikely heroes for the Twins today, combining for three runs in the 5th inning. Those three runs turned out to be all the Twins needed. Now, if you're thinking, "but Carlos Gomez doesn't play for the Twins anymore, myjah! How many rally beers did you drink?" my answer would be not as many as Carlos Gomez, apparently:

And that wasn't even Gomez's first defensive misplay of the inning.

Gomez be Gomez!

Twins starter Tyler Duffey obviously had a pretty stellar game, giving up only one run over his 6 innings of work. Also, importantly he struck-out eight batters. The bullpen was solid too, with Tyler Rodgers, Ryan Pressly, and Brandon Kintzler combining for 3 hit-less innings.

The only run against the Twins game on a George Springer RBI double off of Duffey. The Twins actually held the struggling Astros to only four hits for the entire game.

Where were these Twins earlier in the season?


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