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Top 10 Reasons To Watch The Twins

Updated for general purpose.

11. Joe wants you to watch
11. Joe wants you to watch
Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I tried to make this in the beta, but it just gave me a bunch of garbage code (or HTML for short).

10. The Twins have nothing to lose.

I mean, they aren't getting into the playoffs. This means anything can happen. You might see Paul Molitor wearing a dress. That was the first thing I thought of, and I'm not sure what that says about me. Anyway, yeah, nothin' to lose.

9. Dick n' Bert.

You just never know what story they'll tell next. I'm still waiting for the story about where they hid the body.

8. Byron Buxton is fast.

So, if you haven't been paying attention, Buxton is really fast. I'll break it down in terms of superheroes: Buxton > The Flash > Superman > Batman.

7. Brian Dozier is almost at 40 HR.

I'm pretty sure the last time this happened my parents were still in highschool. Though, it would be very Twinsy for him to not reach 40 this year.

6. An hour into the Vikings game, their season will be declared over.

After that, what else is there to watch? You could always marathon Stranger Things, I guess.

5. Circus baseball.

4. James freaking Beresford.

Is it "beers-ford" or "bear-ez-ford" as Dick says? The town in South Dakota "Beresford" I've always pronounced as the former.. Maybe it's like the Berenstain Bears problem. You can debate this in every game thread.

3. Theres still time to start the longest losing streak of the year.

We've done 9, we've tackled 13. I think we can do better (worse?).

2. For better or worse, they're your team.

Like a teener baseball team, the Twins aren't always pretty. But you wouldn't leave in the middle of your son's game because yet another grounder went past the infield. Or if there's been seven cars hit by overthrows to first. Stiff upper lip, guys.

Finally, the number one reason is: Watching the kids grow up.

As the season winds down, the most important thing for the Twins to do is to get some of these young guys going. Buxton, Sano, Kepler, Polanco, and Berrios can end the season strong and go into next year with more confidence. I've been especially impressed with Buxton since his call up. This was the non-funny reason.

Oh, the bonus 11th reason is that there are two Pat's on the team now. Pats are the new Eds.