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THURSDAY!!! THURSDAY!!! THURSDAY!!! Welcome to the Mega-Monster two-day link dump! So linky, so dumpy, IT'S INSAAAANE!!!!

Tim DeFrisco/Getty Images

Do Android Doziers Dream of Electric Stadiums?

The Twins sent out a video to their season ticket holders asking them to stick around a little bit longer. In the 3-plus minute video  PotMinT Dave St. Peter, manager Paul Molitor and future shampoo spokesperson, Brian Dozier give reasons to re-up for another year. They talk about looking for "new leadership," "getting back to the Twins brand of baseball" (i.e., The Twins Way), "Working to do the Little Things Right™," and how important season ticket holders are to the Twins. In short, boldly going back to the future, doing things like they did in the 90s, all that and a bag of chips.


Trevor May is Done for the Season

Trevor May was placed on the 15-day DL with lower back strain. Trevor had seen a doctor at Mayo who thought they had gotten to the cause of his problem, he now will see a doctor in California to find a solution. Rhett Bollinger reports.


Joe Mauer is Done... Forever?

Or at least that's what the Strib's Patrick Reusse "100%" speculates. He goes on to say he's never been convinced Joe's problems are related to something as nebulous as a "concussion." I've apparently hit my paywall limits at the Strib, so you can click this bait here and read it for yourself or here's NBC Sports story on it.


Dugout Doug

AA Chattanooga Lookouts manager "Dougie Baseball" Mientkiewicz got a September call up to the big leagues and will replace hitting coach Chad Allen.