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Twins Front Office Search: Derek Falvey named as “strong candidate”

The young Indians executive is the third confirmed candidate to head the Twins front office.

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians
There are no pictures of Derek Falvey, but I assume he’s somewhere in here.
Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

Despite reports this week that the Twins were having a hard time getting people to interview to be their President of Baseball Operations, the name of another potential candidate has emerged this week: Derek Falvey.

Falvey has worked in the Indians front office for the past eight seasons. He was promoted into his current role as the Indians’ Assistant General Manager about a year ago when Chris Antonetti took over as their President of Baseball Operations position and Mike Chernoff as their GM. According to Jeff Passan, who apparently broke the news that Falvey was a candidate, Falvey is extremely well-regarded in the industry.

While not using the exact word Jim Pohlad did, a source raved about Falvey’s “people skills” to the Pioneer Press. The source also described him as a “communicator with an analytic mindset,” which just screams “lovable” if you ask me.

So slam dunk, right?! Well, maybe not.

At 32 years old, Falvey is pretty young. He’s never served as a head GM. It seems odd to promote him all the way to President of Baseball Operations, especially considering that title is usually reserved for long-time top executives in an organization (as noted by Passan).

Besides Falvey, Cubs executive Jason McLeod and Royals executive J.J. Picollo have been named as candidates for the Twins’ new front office position.

How do you feel about potentially handing over the Twins’ baseball operations to Falvey?