The 2016 Minnesota Twins Drinking Game!! (A Twinkie Town community effort)

Stupid Getty images aren't working so all I have is a picture of this beer from the Masters. - Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports


Earlier this baseball season during the Twins rough start to the year I concocted an idea to create a Twins Drinking Game to help those of legal drinking age cope with the abnormalities of the Twins 2016 season. Something along the lines of Imakesandwichesforaliving's brilliant Twins Bingo post earlier this year except with more alcohol involved.

Just as I was about to publish what I had written, pitching coach Neil Allen got into a little drinking and driving predicament, (yet another fun factoid for the year) and I decided to shelve the piece out of respect for the situation. Then the Twins decided to start playing a little better for a while, and drinking oneself into a stupor on a daily basis wasn't my first thought in the morning.

Well fast forward to the end August, and let's just say things are not fine... so quoting The Lion King..."It is time" .

So instead of making my own silly rules and observations I wanted to turn this over to you....the Twinkie Town community, for your ideas on what would make a good Twins drinking game and rules for said game that we can all enjoy during this last month of the 2016 season.

Sadly we lost the most obvious rule being whenever Eduardo Nunez loses his helmet when he was traded to the Giants in July. So in his honor my first rule contribution is to take a drink whenever any player loses a helmet or Eduardo Nunez is mentioned in any way.

So please post all your many fun,funny,creative,and crazy ideas below individually so people can rec them. Best to make them pertain to the 2016 season because lord knows we will have a whole new list of things/players/front office people for next years edition. Events that happen regularly but not too often are a player does something dumb or an announcer says something that doesn't quite make know what I mean.

I will then take the best ones and compile a drinking game ..whether a list or maybe even a board game like this...that everyone can print out at home and play along!

For everyone who has stuck by our team through this trying year....Cheers!