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Things That Have Happened Since the Twins Last Lost a Game

We are living history, people.

love 2 beat the white sox even when we suck
love 2 beat the white sox even when we suck
Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Myjah listed all the things that had happened during the 13-game losing streak the Twins put up (their second of the season, which is bad). HOWEVER. The Twins are currently riding a 1-game hot streak, so it's only fair that we look at all the things that have happened since the Twins lost a game:

  • Another Vikings QB got hurt.
  • Someone from that one show about the nerds everyone watches did something on Snapchat. Bazowdee!
  • The local college football team won, despite having three players ejected for being mean.
  • A surrogate for one of the Presidential candidates said that if the other one was elected. there would be taco trucks on every corner. I assume this was a rare moment of bipartisanship, as a taco truck on every corner would be amazing, and a goal all true patriots should fight for, regardless of party affiliation.
  • Your Galaxy 7 Note mighta blown up.
  • Byron Buxton hit a dinger for Minnesota's major league affiliate, the Minnesota Twins.
That's wild, man.