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Game 152: Tigers at Twins

Apparently there's baseball on tonight.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 7:10 pm CST
Radio: Go 96.3 FM, TIBN
Know Thine Enemy: Bless You Boys

Tonight, Big Brother 18 wraps up. Will it be James, Nicole, or Paul, my personal favorite? Each has worked hard to get to the finale (well, except James) and it'll be interesting to see who can win the final Head of Household competition and chooses which of the remaining two also advances to the Final 2.

Paul made quite a few mistakes at the beginning, namely that he aligned himself with the self-proclaimed messiah Jozea and overly cocky Victor. However, as the S.S. Jozea sunk in the first two weeks and Victor was taking on water himself, Paul smartly cut ties with them and successfully navigated his way to the end. However, Paul rejoined Victor upon his first and second revivals and played a very solid floater game even if his personality was overbearing at times. Despite being the loudest, he also was very social and maintained relationships with just about everyone in the house.

Nicole essentially repeated her gameplay from two years ago when she was on Big Brother 16. She laid low for much of the season, but really was pulling strings and manipulating people from behind the scenes. She even found another showmance as this year's Hayden came in the form of high school baseball coach Corey. However, she lost a lot of points in my book when she openly admitted on the live feeds that she was starting conversations specifically to give the CBS production crew fodder that they could air (i.e. discussing a possible eviction of James with Corey even though losing James would have hurt her game. Corey was rightfully baffled by her suggestion until she admitted she wasn't actually serious).

As for James, he kept saying that he wasn't treating this year as if it was summer camp like he did last year, but that's a hilarious statement. He did nothing but flirt all the time with Natalie and work hard for America's Favorite Player, seemingly forgetting that winning the $500,000 grand prize was a bigger deal than the $25,000 AFP. Of the remaining three, James deserves it the least.

Oh, and there's a baseball game at Target Field tonight.

Today's Lineups

Cameron Maybin - CF Brian Dozier - 2B
Erick Aybar - 2B Jorge Polanco - SS
Miguel Cabrera - 1B Joe Mauer - DH
J.D. Martinez - RF Kennys Vargas - 1B
Justin Upton - DH Max Kepler - RF
Tyler Collins - LF Robbie Grossman - LF
James McCann - C Eduardo Escobar - 3B
Andrew Romine - 3B Juan Centeno - C
Jose Iglesias - SS Byron Buxton - CF
Buck Farmer - RHP Jose Berrios - RHP