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It's Thursday, it's thundering, time to dump! A few semi-interesting but not too interesting Twins tidbits since Tuesday.

I was caught in the middle of a railroad track THUN-DER!
I was caught in the middle of a railroad track THUN-DER!
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor May Finally Diagnosed With Spinal Stress Fracture

After three stints on the DL and being diagnosed by doctors at Mayo with a "bone bruise," Trevor went to see a specialist in L.A. who discovered he has a stress fracture in his lumbar spine known as a "pars defect" or Spondylolysis. Turns out, throwing a baseball doesn't help the condition at all, and neither does the yoga and pilates he was told to try. Luckily, no surgery is needed, just time for it to heal itself. Mike Berardino at the Pioneer Press reports.


A Nice Article About Brian Dozier who's Sick of Losing

Mississippi native, Brian Dozier interviewed by the Sun Herald's Rick Cleveland said, "Right now, nothing really tastes good. When you look up and see that you’re 30 games out of first place and on pace to lose over 100 games, the losing just gets old and all the home runs in the world don’t matter."


Una Squadra Potenzialmente Devastante

OASport has an article by Federico Militello (in Italian) on possible candidates for a "potentially devastating team" for Italy in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Our own Tommy Milone gets mentioned as "a great pitcher [among lefties] ...capable of granting just 2 bases-ball(?) average every 9 innings," according to Google translate. Former Twins Chris Colabello and Drew Butera also get mentions. My favorite line, "Four years ago we could count on stars such the caliber of Nick Punto, Mike Costanzo and Chris Colabello." I'm not Italian, but this is a team I can root for.


Three Things the Twins Need to Do

MLBTR's Steve Adams weighs in on what the they think the Twins should do to be "relevant" again. Here's the short version:

  1. Quit ruining prospects
  2. Buy pitchers
  3. Replace Joe Mauer at catcher