My First Twins Game

I took this. - Me

I think I said I was gonna write about this but either forgot or ran out of time. Anyway, on June 18th my family made the long trip (kinda) to Minneapolis to see the Twins take on the Yankees.

It's been a few months, but I do remember quite a few things.

Our road trip there the night before was not entirely smooth. We ran into some pretty nasty storm cells in Marshall. We stopped at a Subway and had lunch and kinda waited out the storm. We made it there in one piece, to our hotel in Burnsville despite some confusion with the streets there. The room was pretty dingy, and it's windows were like falling apart but at least the beds were good and we had TV. We watched the Twins lose on Friday and then went to bed.

Trying to find the right parking ramp was an adventure. At one point we had to pull over and ask random people on the street for help. It was kind of stressful, but I'm just glad it wasn't me who was doing the driving. Eventually we found it, and a nice Twins fan helped us find our way to the stadium. He said we got the best parking ramp (I don't remember which one it was, but it was by the Target Station, or something).

I made sure to bring binoculars, because our seats were in the upper deck in left field. To get there we had to take escalators. Now, I hadn't been on an escalator in quite a few years and this one was going pretty quick. So, two times, I nearly tripped getting off of an escalator at Target Field. I remember that the usher was nice, which is a plus.

Back to our seats... The viewing angle wasn't the best for baseball watching. There were several foul balls throughout the game that I thought were gonna be doubles. But the view was stunning. The skyline of the city is amazing. Where I'm from we don't have anything that compares to it.

Also, getting to see famous athletes like CC Sabathia and the various other Yankees was a surreal experience for me. I thought: "I'm watching CC Sabathia do stretches right now in person. This is a thing that is happening." We only got to see the Yankees batting practice, so that kinda sucked. It was cool to watch, though.

Before the game started, Eduardo Nunez airmailed a throw to Joe and it hit somebody. I remember Joe made sure they were gonna be ok, and I thought that was classic Joe. I think CollosusOfRhode was at this game too and she mentioned that.

I remember liking Byung Ho Parks walkup song ("The Voice from the South", or something). Of course I remember his big dong to right center (*quickly erects thumbs up*).

The people sitting behind us were Yankees fans. Unfortunately, they seemed like nice people so I don't have anything to say about them. It was pretty awesome when Kurt Suzuki hit a HR off of Chapman, who they'd been talking up the whole time that he was warming up.

Our limited budget made it so we didn't get much to eat at the game. I think I had a cheddar stuffed hot dog, it was ok. My brother and I shared a large pop. I was more interested in watching baseball than eating.

Overall, the experience was great even though we ended up losing 6-7. I can't wait to get back for my second Twins game, when I'll probably be eating more.