The Phantom of Target Field

I see more than a dozen home games a year. I get tickets a bunch of ways - with friends or family, through my employer, from vendors - but more often than not I buy a single ticket and escape to Target Field on my own.

Sometimes I just don't want to ask friends to go along. I feel bad that they feel bad that they don't want to go with me. A baseball game is time consuming, spendy, and not everyone's cup of tea. And no one I actually know (as opposed to my fellow Townspeople here) is as big of a baseball junkie as me.

I love Target Field. It's pretty, it's unique, it's right near my work and home. I like cruising the park, because I can take in the action in from all over. Here is my routine, although I shake it up often:

Buy the cheapest seat. (Alternative: buy a third deck seat in left field if I think I'm going to sit a while and worship the sun.) Enter at the Hrbek Gate. Usually less people. Or, if I go in the Kirby Gate, grab a Sweet Child of Vine. Go to the Kramarczuk stand behind home plate. Kramarczuk bratwursts are well worth the extra half buck IMO. Eat at the SRO behind home plate. It's much safer, mustard-wise, to eat a bratwurst standing. Tip: Kramarczuk has plastic knives as well as forks, you just have to ask for a knife.

Take the escalator to the Terrace Level. I like the SRO over third base, but my favorite SRO is opposite, over first base. It's shady there and blessedly cool on hot days. In between you can stop in the Two Gingers Pub for Summit on tap or a Two Gingers if life is especially easy. You can watch the friendly organist or get warm for an inning or two if the night is cool.

In the later innings take the ramp down to the main level. The ramps remind me of the old Met Stadium, from when I was a kid. I'm usually alone on the ramp. This is when I really feel like the Phantom of Target Field. Stroll back behind center field. I used to like to stand in the upper section behind center field, but it is now full of tables and people and new fancy eateries. Red Cow burgers and fries are there. They're my favorite new food, if I'm not in the mood for pork.

By the 7th or 8th I usually go back behind home plate. At the end of the games, especially now that the team stinks, I can plunk down behind home plate for an inning or two. Then back out of the Hrbek Gate and onto my scooter to leave behind the pedestrians and cars and head back to Northeast.

If you ever see a guy in half a catcher's mask (Phantom joke) on the ramp, say hello and ask me out to a game!