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Twins hire Derek Falvey as new President of Baseball Operations. Maybe.

It sounds like it’s a done deal, but some sources are saying “not so fast.”

Minnesota Twins Introduce Paul Molitor
We don’t have any pictures of Derek Falvey, so just pretend this news conference here is about Derek Falvey.
Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Unless you’ve been living under a rock where no Twins baseball exists (good for you), you know that the team is looking to hire a new President of Baseball Operations as part of their restructuring of the front office. Well, news broke today that the Twins are set to hire Indians Assistant GM Derek Falvey as their man. Maybe.

The deal hasn’t been confirmed by the team yet, but apparently ESPN’s Keith Law is already treating it like it’s as a done deal. Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press, however, is reporting that the selection process is “still ongoing”.

If you don’t recall, Falvey is the young Indians executive (only 33 years old!) who is known for his “people skills” and getting along with everyone. He has an analytical mindset, but again, has only served as assistant general manager for the Indians for one year. Despite his relatively inexperience, current Indians manager Terry Francona referred to Falvey as a “rising star.”

If you haven’t been keeping track, the Twins have five confirmed candidates for the new front office position: Jason McLeod, J.J. Picollo, Derek Falvey, Chaim Bloom, and good ol’ Rob Antony.