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Royals 4, Twins 3: Yeah, pretty much

At this point, I am numb.

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals
I just like this picture.
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Twins struck first (in the 2nd.) when Juan Centeno doubled in Eduardo Escobar. Escobar smashed a solo dong in the 4th, which would end up being the most eventful inning of the ballgame. Mostly, for the Twins, in a bad way.

Starter Jose Berrios got into some trouble, but an RBI double-play ground-out off the bat of Kendrys Morales limited the damage while still tying the game.

Max Kepler blooped in Brian Dozier the very next inning to give the Twins back the lead, however Berrios again struggled in the bottom half of the inning, hitting Paulo Orlando and then gifting him 2nd base on a wild pitch. Soon after giving up a single, Berrios was pulled with runners on the corners. Buddy Boshers came in and failed to get Jarrod Dyson out, who singled Orlando in and re-tied the ballgame. Boshers got the next batter and closed the books on Berrios. His final line was 4.2 IP, 3 ER on 4 hits and 1 walk. He struck out no-one.

Very little of note happened for a long breadth of time after this. If striking out and leaving runners on were steps in the waltz, the Twins’s day would have been one of the more brilliant dances you’ve ever seen.

In the 8th with speedster Terrance Gore on 3rd with one out, the Royals went for a squeeze play and James Beresford made a nice diving catch, tossing the ball to Sano at third for a double play and preserving the tie.

That didn’t matter though because loltwins. To start the bottom of the 11th, Tommy Milone walked Raul Mondesi. Mondesi then stole second and was bunted over to 3rd. Milone then intentionally walked time-traveler Whit Merrifield and Eric Hosmer to get to Billy Burns.

Burns hit the ball to the outfield. Byron Buxton caught it but that was never going to matter. Game over. Loss 101 for the Twinkies! On the bright side, the 1st pick of the draft is officially ours!

Eduardo Escobar: 2-4 with 2 runs, a RBI a HR and a walk.
myjah: Won a radio contest!
The Twins bullpen pitchers not named Milone.

Jose Berrios (I still believe in you Jose!)
Buxton and Sano: (3 strikeouts each. Sano 0-5, Buxton 0-4.)

Not a good day for the youth movement!

Comment of the Gamethread:
(In reply to a fan at a Yankee game proposing on screen and dropping the ring.)
“No, the Fan was not Robbie Grossman.” - DNOMN8R314 whose name I just actually payed attention to reading for the first time and realized it wasn’t gibberish.


# Commenter # Comments
1 TawnyFroggy 51
2 SooFoo Fan 48
3 myjah 45
4 James Fillmore 39
5 Brandon Brooks 27
6 Joel Hernandez 15
7 Gunnarthor 15
8 DNOMN8R314 15
9 Daniel Carlson 14
10 Devereaux 11
11 gintzer 2
12 WestRiverTwinsFan 2
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 DNOMN8R314 No, the fan was not Robbie Grossman
5 Daniel Carlson Jesus would make a better closer
3 SooFoo Fan Too soon
3 Daniel Carlson Jesus would just accept them for who they are
3 James Fillmore Moses was a clubhouse cancer in Cincinnati
3 TawnyFroggy In 6th grade I wrote and drew a full page comic about how I hate math
3 Daniel Carlson Now send another blank one
3 Brandon Brooks Bonus nachos
3 Joel Hernandez I'm sorry
3 Gunnarthor When we were discussing TP and other matters
3 James Fillmore Probably badly
3 James Fillmore I think I was 25 before I learned
2 Brandon Brooks GO TWINS GO!!!
2 Brandon Brooks However, every homer is at least a 3-run shot
2 Daniel Carlson Logan.
2 TawnyFroggy I'm pretty dong.
2 DNOMN8R314 What's the difference between an Alabama fan and this baseball game?
2 TawnyFroggy That made my eyes water.
2 James Fillmore KC officially eliminated from WC with loss or BAL win
2 SooFoo Fan Like this
2 DNOMN8R314 We'll play again in a couple innings
2 SooFoo Fan I found this answer on google
2 myjah You got 5 points for a blank word doc?
1 myjah I guessed
1 TawnyFroggy You aren't staying up for this thrilling game?
1 TawnyFroggy ERA under 10 isn't good enough for you?
1 Joel Hernandez Hey at least you didn't write about the Twins!
1 SooFoo Fan Pounder? I 'ardly know 'er!
1 SooFoo Fan BALL 1
1 Brandon Brooks No
1 James Fillmore I would have left Polanco in
1 Gunnarthor If you had put your name on it, would you have gotten 7 points?
1 Brandon Brooks Correct
1 myjah Pat Chargois?
1 TawnyFroggy One tenth of my blood feels like a lot to give up.
1 TawnyFroggy I'll take it!
1 SooFoo Fan JC, superstar
1 Devereaux Just watched the Dee Gordon Fernandez tribute/home run
1 TawnyFroggy You should wear full twins gear
1 Gunnarthor Not too bad
1 DNOMN8R314 When they win the World Series
1 Joel Hernandez wat'cha m'ean
1 TawnyFroggy Trying to decipher that apostrophe placement.
1 James Fillmore Or pathetic
1 James Fillmore You can call the elections people and change your mind up through Election Day

Oh wow I really need to learn to shut up.

See y’all tomorrow!