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Minnesota 11, White Sox 3: Twins Muscle Out Four Homers

13 Twins bat in the third inning.

Photo from my family renunion. I'm the short one.
Photo from my family renunion. I'm the short one.
Scott Harrison/Getty Images

After leadoff homers from both teams (Adam Eaton, Brian Dozier) and a sloppy second inning by Twins pitcher Hector Santiago, Minnesota trailed 1-2. Byron Buxton continued his hot hitting with a two-run shot, Santiago stranded a leadoff double in the third. 3-2.

Then the carnage began. Sox starter James Shields, who has been struggling with command for over a year, went walk, pop out, Miguel Sano monster dong, and Eddie Rosario walk, ending his night.

His replacement, Jacob Turner, won Weird Line Of The Game Award. He faced six hitters, and all of them scored. Yet he wasn't charged with a single earned run; Rosario was thrown out at the plate, and Dozier reached on an error. So, really terrible, but no earned runs. Box scores are impartial, which is not the same thing as fair.

Santiago ended up going six innings and allowing three runs, definition of the dumb stat "quality start." He struck out six, which is good, walked three, which is what he does, and gave up two solo dingers.

Trevor Plouffe was part of the Big Inning, with a three-run blast of his own. My Buddy Boshers, Pat Light, and Ryan O'Rourke pitched scoreless mop-up duty. But your player of the game has to be Buxton, for his 3-4, 1 HR, 1 2B night. This is what we hoped to see more of, Bux. Don't be a September mirage, please!

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Here's your play-by-play recap. Tune in tomorrow at 1:10 for Andrew Albers (still chasin' the dream!) vs. Anthony Ranaudo.