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Tuesday Twins: Notes on Dozier, Beresford, and getting the band back together

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Good day! Here are the links:

  • Well one thing me know is he’s a great guy.

  • WE’RE GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Er, excuse me: Red Wings hitting coach Chad Allen is joining the major league club for the last couple weeks.

  • Now that the Rochester Red Wings’ season is done, the Twins called up James Beresford. The call up for Beresford, 27, is seen as a reward for his solid efforts in the minors for over a decade. He was the one who caught that pop-up that bonuced off Sano’s head earlier this year. Plus, there’s this:

  • Ervin Santana is trying to get Miguel Sano to play for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic, but scouts with the Twins don’t want him to do it. Why? They want Sano to focus on getting ready to play third base, and Adrian Beltre will likely be playing third for the Dominican team.