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FanPost Friday: Who's Joe jealous of?

"I hate you all, you know."
"I hate you all, you know."
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

Remember what this is? FanPost Friday is the feature where I pose a question to the Twinkie Town community on Friday, the Twinkie Town community members think about the question, write a Fan Post answering the question in any manner they want, and then we share the best posts in a recap on Monday.

True me, it's fun.

So this week's question is...

Do you think Joe Mauer is jealous of any other Twin, and why?

You can go anywhere you want with this. You can compare Joe's performances when he was a similar age to some of the youngsters on the team. Heck, you can compare how Joe is doing now to anyone else on the team. You can write about how Joe cries himself to sleep at night because he can't walk as fast as Byron Buxton. Maybe you think Joe is jealous of James Beresford's balloons. Maybe Joe is jealous of Jake winning an actual playoff series. Or hey, maybe you don't think Joe is jealous of anything. Maybe he's actually secretly a huge arrogant prick.

The sky is the limit folks. Go nuts.