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Quiz: Twins with 30 SB in a season

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Back in November I made a quiz about the 13 Twins who have hit 30 or more home runs in a season, and just about everyone did very well on it. It seemed only appropriate to create a sister quiz regarding those who have stolen 30 bases in a season. This list is a bit shorter, at just eight players, and there is no overlap between the two.

Since there are fewer correct responses, I put two minutes on the clock as opposed to the three allotted for the home run hitters. As a clue I've listed which year or years each guy stole 30 bases while with the Twins; all told there have been 18 such seasons.

Once your time is up, there's a poll in which to log your score. After you've done that and moved on to the comments section to discuss your hits and misses, please try to remember to use the spoiler bar feature over any relevant names just as a courtesy to anyone who might have accidentally clicked straight to the comments before taking the quiz.