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Twins Hot Stove: Team has met with Jose Bautista’s agent, and other notes

The latest on Jose Bautista, Jae-gyun Hwang, minor scouting and coaching hires, and (of course) Brian Dozier.

The Gillette Home Run Derby
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

No, Brian Dozier hasn’t been traded yet—but there’s some other Twins news and rumors floating around. Here’s the scoop:

  • I don’t mean to get anyone overly excited or anything, but THE TWINS MET WITH JOSE BAUTISTA’S AGENT AND OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ok, yes: The Twins did meet with Jose “Target Field Killer” Bautista’s agent, according to Rhett Bollinger, but it’s unclear what the actual level of interest is on either side. Bautista could be looking for a short, one-year deal to “reset his value on the market”, which could fit with the Twins. Rhett makes a good argument for it.
  • Speaking of checking in on free agents, the Twins apparently did just that with Korean third baseman Jae-gyun Hwang too. Hwang, 29 years old, hit .335/.399/.570 in 498 ABs in Korea last year and is interested in trying his luck in America. Seeing as the Twins already have a third baseman and a Korean and Joe Mauer, it seems unlikely they’d bring in Hwang too, but at least they checked in?
  • The Twins hired former Yankees scout George Orr, according to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale. Bob seemed to like the move.
  • We’re Getting the Band Back Together: The Next Generation, because the Twins hired former farm-hand and Ron’s son, Toby Gardenhire, to join the organization’s minor league coaching staff. Young Gardy, as I will insist we refer to him as, will probably be working in the Gulf Coast League.
  • Requisite Brian Dozier post: The Twins and the Dodgers are still haggling over prospects in addition to Jose De Leon to include in a trade. Yawn.