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Mauer ‘Doubtful’ He Can Get Curfew Extended for Billy Joel Concert

“Mom doesn’t like his defiant lyrics,” added the Twins star.

2015 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Day 4 Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Although he was on hand for Thursday’s announcement of a Billy Joel concert at Target Field this summer, Twins first baseman Joe Mauer probably won’t be at the show itself.

“Concerts go pretty late,” said Mauer. “And unless I’m working, Mom wants me home at 11:00 sharp.”

Mauer, who is married and no longer lives at home, said he is a fan of Joel, but that he has to pick his battles.

“I got in dutch with Ma when I went to a rap show at the Myth a couple years ago and didn’t text her when I got home,” said Mauer. “I had to miss the Winter Caravan and help with dinner and dishes instead. She was right to do it.”

The Twins are scheduled to be on a West Coast trip when Joel plays his July 28 concert, and while that adds a seemingly insurmountable schedule conflict, Mauer said mother is still skeptical.

“If I get banged up and have to come back here for therapy or something, Mom’s going to want to know if I have any bright ideas about going to see ‘that Piano Man guy.’

“Mom doesn’t like his defiant lyrics,” Mauer added. “She always said that ‘If we didn’t start the fire, well who did?’ It really bugged her that he wouldn’t accept responsibility for his actions or that he tried to blame it on Thalidomide.”