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Baseball Hall of Fame results 2017: Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell, and Ivan Rodriguez elected

Former Twins Orlando Cabrera and Casey Blake, meanwhile, were NOT elected...

Tim Raines
Tim Raines finally made it!

The 2017 MLB Hall of Fame results have been announced, and three players will be heading to Cooperstown next summer: Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell, and Ivan Rodriguez.

See the full voting results here.

It was a long wait for Tim Raines, who was in his tenth and final year of eligibility on the ballot. He received 86% of the vote, a big jump from the 69.8% he received last year. The now-or-never aspect surely helped him, and he is certainly deserving. He’ll join Gary Carter and Andre Dawson as the third Expo in the HOF.

Jeff Bagwell—who should have made it in earlier, but seemed dogged by rumors of steroid-use—is probably pretty relieved. He actually received the highest percentage of votes too, with 86.2%.

Ivan Rodriguez—my personal favorite out of this bunch—is now the second catcher ever to be inducted into the HOF on the first ballot. The first was Johnny Bench. Pudge received 76% of the vote.

Some other interesting observations: Support for Barry Bonds and Rodger Clemens, both suspected PED users, jumped around 10% from last year, which is pretty significant. On the other hand, the biggest drop in support was for Curt Schilling...

The only former Twins on the ballot—Orlando Cabrera and Casey Blake—received a grand total of... zero votes. No surprises here. Every player with ten years of major league service gets put on the ballot, which is the only reason they were on it. Fine players, sure, but especially considering how many other more deserving players there were to vote for, and voters being limited to only ten selections per year, the lack of votes was pretty much expected.

Are you surprised by the results? Who do you think got snubbed (*cough*BarryBonds*cough*)? Did anyone get way more votes than you expected?