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Sidney Ponson (?) trolls Curt Schilling on Twitter over Hall of Fame vote

I’m not sure if this account actually belongs to ex-pitcher Sidney Ponson, but I sure hope it does, because this is fantastic.

Minnesota Twins Photo Day
It me (maybe).
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Hey kids! Remember Sidney Ponson? You know, the kinda overweight, kinda major league pitcher guy? He started seven games for the Twins in 2007 before they sent him packing because, well, he just wasn’t very good. If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself here on his Baseball Reference page.

I really never thought in my life I’d ever be praising Ponson for, well, anything, but here we are. You see, just after the 2017 Hall of Fame voting results were released earlier today, the following exchange apparently took place on Twitter.

Ohhhhhhhh snap!

Sidney’s tweet is funny because Curt Schilling did not, in fact, get inducted into the Hall of Fame. In reality, of all the candidates on both last year’s and this year’s ballot, he lost the most support. It likely has to do with the fact Schilling has come out as a pretty big racist, sexist bigot over the past year or two, and no one really wants anything to do with him anymore.

The fact that, of all people, Sidney Ponson is roasting Curt on Twitter... It’s just amazing. Never in my wildest dreams would I have even imagined this.

Of course, the bad news here is that we aren’t sure if the account that tweeted Schilling really is Sidney Ponson, former MLB pitcher. The account’s location is marked as “Not really sid”, and it’s not verified—but then again, did Ponson ever do anything to warrant a verified Twitter account?

Anyway, even if it is a fake or parody account, there is still joy to be had here—because that means someone actually made a Sidney Ponson parody account (back in 2011!), and Schilling still really believes it is Sidney Ponson. And he’s pissed off about it.

Twitter is a free website. What a time to be alive.