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FanPost Friday: Rank your favorite MLB teams, first to last

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

Yes, this still exists! This is the thing where I give you a question or topic, you think about the topic, write a FanPost, and then we recap what everyone came up with on Monday. Sound fun? Well it is!

It's a slow part of winter, so I had a fun topic for today...

What are your favorite MLB teams, all 30, ranked from favorite to least favorite?

That's right, I want you to rank all 30 MLB teams from your favorite to least favorite, and explain why you ranked each team where you did. Don't rank your top three teams and then say the rest are all tiedI want to see you rank all 30 teams, and explain why you ranked them like you did.

Use whatever criteria you want. Your Dad likes the Brewers, so they're ranked second? Cool! Hate the Yankees to death, so they are ranked last? Works for me! But I think this is a fun mental exercise to sit down and do.

Start your FanPost with your own rankings now.